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In a church, the communication of the spoken word is vitally important and CIAV is that choice in Pro Audio. Many ministries also include devotional music as a major part of the service. The sanctuary acoustics must be tailored to the ministry, and support the music program and deliver the necessary speech intelligibility. Where the size of the church, or the requirements of the services demand it, a sound system must be designed to work with the room acoustics, and to meet the needs of the ministry. Can you hear it now?

m7 Have you ever been in church listening to the Pastor talking but were not able to understand what he was saying because the sound system made the words sound muddy? Did you know this distortion is often the result of a poorly designed or tuned sound system?

At Ciav we understand what it takes to design a quality sound system for your church. In fact we employ experts who design audio and video systems exclusively for churches. Our sound designers understand how sound systems interact with large rooms, why feedback occurs, what causes muddy speech and music and how to eliminate dead spots, hot spots and unpleasant sound.

When you work with Ciav your new sound system will amplify the spoken word of the minister or performers so worshipers can hear and understand preaching or singing, making your services more enjoyable for everyone!



  • Professional EquipmentTwins Soccer 3 copy
    The proper audio equipment must be installed including the correct microphones for each intended purpose. At Ciav, we recommend installing professional equipment that lasts longer, keeps maintenance and replacement costs low and provides the quality sound you need for exceptional church services.
  • Proper Installation
    Speakers and monitors should be setup to properly disperse sound into the space. Our professionally trained installers will ensure that your new sound system is installed correctly and even show you and your staff how to utilize the system to take advantage of all its benefits!
  • The Right Components
    The system should utilize components such as Equalization, Digital Signal Processing, Compression/Limiting/Gating, Digital Effects (reverb, delay), and Isolated Splitting. These components allow for increased system performance and flexibility.
  • A Plan for the Future
    Audio consoles should meet current needs and allow for future expansion. We’ll talk with you about your current needs and your plans for the future to ensure that the system we design for you today, continues to meet your needs for years to come.
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